The Death of an Idea

The death of an idea is not always a bad thing. You most likely have at least 20 ideas that you strongly believe could succeed if you could only figure out how to implement them. Some of these do become a burden. You may even endlessly ruminate on your own unproven theories without stopping to realize that your theories may not be built on good ideas. If you evaluate objectively, you will start to find ways your idea could fail. Rather than giving in to the endless evaluation, you might consider that it is time to kill it.

The death of an idea - hit the killswitchIf you are not able to invert thoughts towards thinking of ways these could succeed and how you’ll best execute, kill the idea. I mean scratch it; delete it; overwrite it… just get over the death of an idea and move on. I have done this many times.

Your time is precious, so you better use it on ideas that have a chance at life.

Hint: I apply this iteration method to just about any thought. It WORKS.



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Francis Suarez
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  • Nancy Gilligan

    I have often though that only dumb people are rich and successful, because you have to be a little dumb to take risk. Smart people think too much. They can talk themselves out of anything. It’s important to be a little dumb…not to give an idea much thought…just do it….and don’t look back.

  • Ryan Swanstrom