Stop the idea frenzy!

On the idea boatA few days ago I found myself with thoughts in my head which where becoming more painful as time went by. I was generating so many ideas that I could not even track them all, let alone write them down before I had forgotten them. It bothered me that I was forgetting some of these almost instantly. Some of those I had forgotten, I had believed were very good (really bad concepts in reality).

Why was I worried about writing down ideas (good or bad)?

I had even perfected idea note writing to multiple scenarios. I kept a piece of paper ready in my pocket, I had my mobile notes @evernote,  and even had photos of random pieces of paper I used to write down anything I liked to do — after all, those ideas might just change the world… . I couldn’t stop!

I started reading books on how to stop this idea frenzy and start creating.

  • Why didn’t I execute any of the ideas I had collected over the years?
  • Was it because of  previous failure?
  • Am I afraid to be successful?
  • Am I afraid of having too much success? Is there such thing?

After long nights without sleep an reading until words were blurring on the page, I learned that 100 ideas later (most of them really bad ones),  I WASN’T STARTING ANYTHING! Every thought I wrote down was pushing the success wagon farther away from me. Each new idea kept me from acting on the ideas I already had.

How did I get out of the idea frenzy?

After reading a handful of good books from “Making Ideas Happen” to those authored by Seth Godin , I noted that they all said the same thing: Just DO it!

Start! Start! Start!

This is what worked for me:

I stopped the idea frenzy. I picked the three that made the most sense, scratched two, and executed one!! It is time to start something — anything! Just move in one direction (forward) and have fun while you do it.


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Francis Suarez
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Jason Freedman’s @JasonFreedman Wrote on this blog “Don’t plug leaks when you got no boat” :: “As an entrepreneur starting from scratch, you’re not maintaining a battle ship; you’re inventing a new type of raft while on the verge of drowning.”

I get lot’s of inpiration reading @JasonWomack (The Womack Company) tweets, blog and direct messages. Never get tired of looking at what Jason has to say today. Thank’s Jason!




  • Adham Dannaway

    I’ve fallen into this trap too. Too much thinking and not enough doing. I think you’re right though. Just start working on your best idea (even if it’s not perfect) and I think you’ll learn a lot in the process to make it work. It may even spur another idea. Gotta be in it to win it! =)

  • Francis Suarez

    Thanks Adham for sharing your thoughts. I can relate to “It may even spur another idea.” a lot. Sometimes I see an initial IDEA is just that, INITIAL and not the one that needs to be done.

  • ericingram

    I agree, just doing it will teach you more than you could ever hope to learn otherwise.