Quit Your Day Job – Nuts?

This is not intended for us as a guide which could ultimately lead you to quit your day job and/or abandon your daily responsibilities.

I’ll try to explain my reasoning behind the decision to leave a very cool day job as an Information Technology professional where I really was pulling in enough money. Some would say that making the decision to quit your day job when it offers financial security is completely nuts.Is it nuts to quit your day job to become an entrepreneur?

There are a few things to point out before we dive into story mode…..

  • I’m not a professional blogger (please bear with me).
  • I do like to write and share my experiences (good or bad).
  • I didn’t have tons of money saved or ready to burn (enough to reset, I’ll explain more).
  • I didn’t have anybody suggesting I should quit my day job. (really…).
  • I had previously run a small business for 5-6 straight years (with both good and failures).
  • I like telling you about my story.  I think you’ll get something good out of it.

I have to admit that through the years while operating a small consulting / web design office,  I became addicted to working on stuff I created, conceptualized, planted, built on so much that it’ has become a part of me.

Interestingly enough, I’ve found out that what I appreciated  the most about running the business was not the freedom or the money, it was the relationships I was able to build with people. I’ve come to realize, after being five years out on the entrepreneur wagon, those relationships are what I’ve missed the most ,and of course the building blocks part (custom web, systems, design, etc) which was the door or medium to start those relationships.

You see, I was good at web design and computer consulting, but it was the passion behind it that made the business work and the relationships grow.

I still use my passion. I may be nuts, but still, I  was able to quit my day job.  If you think you might be nuts to quit your day job, consider this: If you have that gut instinct — that passion, you can make a go of your ideas without feeling that you have sacrificed too much.

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Francis Suarez

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  • http://www.cezargarcia.com CEZAR GARCIA

    Hey Francis,

    Quitting your job isn’t crazy if you just don’t have the passion for it. Life is WAAAAAAY to short to be living your life for someone else and on someone else’s terms. Finding something that you love and discovering the reason that you do it day in and day out is crucial to your success as an entrepreneur.

    Great post man..


    • francis

      Indeed, passion is very important and life is short. Thanks so much for your kind comments, I’m glad you’ve liked.