Onedrive vs Dropbox Project Infinity

When Windows 10 launched I was super exited to upgrade because of new features, stability and I did. Unfortunately I had to rollback to Windows 8.1 about 4 times since I couldn’t compromise so much storage on my newly acquired ssd drive laptop as ONEDRIVE wanted me to sync folders I wanted to have available. This made me furious since I got to witness the boost of speed Windows 10 gave the computer, but really didn’t wan’t to throw away my precious storage. A year after, Dropbox has announce what It seems to be Microsoft’s Onedrive old placeholder copycat, this is good and bad in a way. Good because some people that need storage without compromising their computers will be able to have it and bad because Microsoft might have lost a chance to win some of competitors clients which normally do Sync only.

Placeholders are very much network shortcuts and in reality they aren’t much useful for some, but for many including myself it helps me attain: less used storage on my computer, more organized file system (keep clutter elsewhere) and mobility (access files anywhere).

Microsoft, listen up, here’s Dropbox (competitor) announcement: