Form Ideas Without Trying to be Nostradamus

You probably aren't another NostradamusWe all form ideas around how we can make or improve on things.  I probably have 200+ ideas for creating web applications on my list, some of which are new, unproven concepts. The cold truth is that we think too much about consequences when we form ideas. I call these the “What If’s”.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t plan, contemplate, compare, analyze competition, or take time to be sure of what we’re embarking on.

My point is simple: Doubt and uncertainty will always exist to some extent. The key is in training yourself to trust yourself more, follow your gut, and believe that every successful idea ever created started the same way — as a simple thought.

Unfortunately, most of us cannot predict the future, but we can decide where we want to go. In my case, I’ve decided I wanted to dedicate my life to working with computers, programming, technology, entrepreneurship, family life, ideas, helping people…

Don’t try to predict the future….when you form ideas, you can’t be Nostradamus!


Think Less of these:

  • What if it doesn’t work?
  • What if people don’t like it?
  • What if I run out of money?
  • What if I’m completely alone?
  • What could happen?
  • What will it take?
  • What if others think I’m crazy?

Do more of this:

  • Gather feedback, good or bad.
  • Figure out how you’ll explain your idea to others in less than 150 characters.
  • Decide what you want to pursue in life (or which ideas to execute).
  • Measure your passion about what you’re doing.
  • Find out what’s holding you up and overcome this (fear,past experiences of failure,innovation,perception or the What If’s)
  • Trust yourself when you form ideas


If you’ve enjoyed this post or maybe got some kick out of it, please share with others. I will love to hear from you and what works for you. Thanks very much for reading.


Francis Suarez
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  • Jason Womack

    So, here’s the line that caught my attention: “…the key is training yourself to trust yourself more…”I’d suggest to anyone that they try this activity:Open your calendar to 180 days from today (paper or digital) and write a 3+ paragraph “story.” Write down what you “think” you should have worked on by then, what you want to have seen, where you want to have gone. Then, after 6 months, when you read it again (by then, you’ll probably have forgotten what you wrote!) you may be surprised. I believe we ARE wiser (faster, better, smarter) than we think…just need to focus on where we’re going, and ask for the support in getting there!

    • francis

      So true Jason! Focus on where we’re going and asking for support drives us towards our goals. Thanks for these words and helping others achieve their full potential every day. We certainly need more Jason Womack’s out there!

  • TMNinja

    Francis,Like where you are headed here. :)Keep going! Best wishes,Craig

    • francis

      Thank you so much Craig!